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These are photographs sent in by local or expats, I hope they give 
you some nice memories. If you have any send them in to



This picture was discovered after my Dad passed away. He was a former bar  tender at the Green House from the end of WW2  till he came to Canada in December of 1954.  This picture has a date of 1955 on it.  Could anyone help identify the men in the picture?

Thank you
Susanne Boyle Turcotte



This photo is of the cast and teachers of a play by Renfrew High School performed at Renfrew Town Hall in 1949.

Back Row (left to right): Tom Myers, Robert Anderson, unknown, unknown, Margaret Adam, Miss Scott - Maths Teacher, Alex Provan.

Front Row (left to right): unknown, possibly Nancy Christie, Mary Wilson, Miss Faulkner – English Teacher, Dan McKerracher, Jim Carmichael.

Very front (left to right): unknown, possibly Agnes McNeill.



Anyone who remembers the play or recognises any of the others please contact swingsound@optusnet.com.au



These are a couple of photos of the “Jive 5” Rock & Roll Band and the “Jive 5 + 2” Skiffle Band taken during the Wednesday night dances at the YMCA Hall in Renfrew in 1957.

In the first photo (left to right): “Hottie” McBurnie, Harry Murray Smith, Tom Myers, unknown bass player, Norrie McLeod.

Added in the second picture are: Hugh Gallacher (3rd from left) and Ernie McCutchean (6th from left).


If anyone can remember these dances, and/or know the names of the bass and piano players, please email swingsound@optusnet.com.au


taken at a YMCA Dance in late 1960's with The Soundvendors playing

sent in by Fiona

2nd one is after the 1970 or 71 Fete  with the traction engine

sent in by Fiona


The following two photos were sent in by Hugh


the first one is Ronnie Cook presenting Mrs LUNDIE of Erskine Hospital with a donation , the names of those present are Phil McGrath , Wullie Neil, Stevie Muray. David Townsley ,Martin Harvey.??Cunningham other names are uknown and the order of those given is not by row,

The second photo is an end of season dance,with the addition of the following names that I can remember, John Lyall ,Stuart McMillan ,Willie woods,Bobbie Wilson




Pictures from a book called "Glasgow Tramcars" by Ian Stewart.  Photos by W.D. Mcmillan and posted on Clydeshipping website by Stuart Cameron, sent in by Jimmy




W. Oliver Brown, candidate for the fledgling National party of Scotland,
polled 4,818 votes in the Renfrew East By-Election on 28 Nov 1930 and
became the first NpS candidate to save his election deposit. The
National party of Scotland amalgamated with the Scottish party in April
1934 to form the modern Scottish National Party. (The Burgh of Renfrew
was moved into the Renfrew East constituency in 1918.)

W. Oliver Brown's election agent was David Robertson (1902-82), of West
Avenue, Renfrew (see photo above).


Caldwell's in Hairst Street, 1920s; draper's assisant
Annie Robertson in the doorway.

By David Douglas

3 West Avenue, 1930s. In 1941 it was destroyed by German
bombs. Fortunately no-one was injured, as the family (Robertson) were in
their Anderson shelter in the garden.
by David Douglas

Here are some old interesting photo's sent in by David Douglas, strange but interesting

believe it or not, this is not from a Monty Python sketch!
It's fundraising for the 'Belgian Distress Fund', during the First World
War, in the Robertson Park.
The man dressed as a wounded civilian had got the butcher to drip blood
on the bandages, which caused women to fuss over him,
believing him to be a real casualty - according to my grandmother, who
took part as a child.
By David Douglas


More of the First World War charity fundraising in Robertson park
leftmost (sailor's uniform): William Robertson (1872-1952), my

By David Douglas


Socialist Sunday School picnic on the Blytheswood estate, leader William
Robertson, standing.
William Robertson was my great-grandfather. At the Socialist Sunday
School, they sang the Internationale, the Red Flag, etc.
There was also a 'Ten Socialist Commandments"

By David Douglas


3rd one was taken of the Secretary's XI  football team after a friendly at the KGV Playing Fields about 1971.

sent in by Fiona



The following two photos were sent in by Hugh



Sea Scouts taken at Kilchatan Bay

 ?, Bobby Davidson, Robert Tunnicliffe, Brown, Tommy Cullivan, George Brown,
?, Gus Airlie, Denis Taylor

?, ?, Sanny Ireland, Mr Beardsley, Bill Dell, Alec Small, Jim Lyon, Gus Laing,

?, ?, Hugh Spallding, Gus Adams, Tommy Spallding

2nd Renfrew Life Boys, taken in the Rutherford Church (now Koko's) 1969 submitted by Stanley McCallum

Renfrew High School (Glebe) school camp 
Abingdon about 1958/9, the main
building submitted by Ian Douglas

Renfrew Town hall, Christmas 1967, a few 
weeks after Winnie Ewing wonHamilton By 
Left to right
Mathew Ferguson (Newmains Road) Standard 
Bearer for SNP (deceased)
Winnie Ewing MP for Hamilton
Ian Douglas Chairman Renfrew SNP
George Leslie Stood at the Pollok Glasgow 
By election just before
Hamilton submitted by Ian Douglas

Red flag over the Town Hall. May Day 1973
submitted by Stan McCallum

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